Crieve Hall Massage Therapy

Welcome to Crieve Hall Massage Therapy

“The universe is not outside of you. Look inside yourself, everything you want you already are.” – Rumi

Hi, I'm Anna.

Thank you for considering me in your self care journey. 

Anna is wonderful! Her attention to detail while focusing on different parts of the body is unmatched. She is so in tune with her clients. I really love the way she uses different techniques throughout the whole massage depending on what I’m needing on a given day. I always leave feeling so much relief and so relaxed. I can honestly say she gives the best massage I’ve ever had.


Anna is an amazing massage therapist who approaches her craft with intuition and expertise. Seeing her on a regular basis has been a huge level-up to my personal self-care plan. I always leave feeling grounded and back in my body, safe and at ease in my body, and emotionally and spiritually refreshed. She has a unique gift to tend to both the physical and the emotional stresses we carry. I highly recommend Anna and I am so grateful for her!